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Start Over

I’m sure most people would just call it a mid-life crisis, but I’d like to think that it’s a little more important than that.  Besides, I did what most sane, rational people would only read about in a chick-lit novel (which makes it sound a little pathetic, but I’m trying to get over that).  I left my job, my house, and a lot of important people – one in particular.  I sure hope it was worth it.  Last night, a good friend jokingly reminded me of my age (it’s okay, he’s the same age as me)… but it made me consider the possibility that I should have done what most people would have done in my situation:  Suck it up and get some happy pills.

What is “The Chrome Phase?”  In 2001, I moved into a dark, drafty, run-down apartment in the first floor of an old house that was, I’m pretty sure, held together with bubble gum and duct tape.  The rent was unrealistically cheap, so it was appealing for that reason if nothing else.  In a desperate attempt to spruce up the kitchen (which hadn’t been updated since the 60s), I bought everything in chrome:  dish drainer, paper towel holder, spice rack, wine rack, and so forth.  I went a tad overboard with the chrome, but it helped.  In fact, it looked pretty sharp against the red formica countertops.   I loved how just a little chrome accent could make even the ugliest of kitchens look… well, less ugly.

Anyway, the details that brought me to this “starting over” point are unimportant; Instead, I’m trying to focus on where to go from here.  My sudden attempts to spruce up my own life remind me of my chrome phase… although my life isn’t perfect, why don’t I add some chrome accents (figuratively speaking, of course) and make it better?  In my opinion, you can never have too much chrome.


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