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Lead by example.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I was born in the wrong century.  Although I have excellent computer skills (according to my resume) and appreciate the convenience of gadgets, I resent the fact that they dominate the way we live.  The convenience of email and text messages has removed thoughtful letters and intimate conversation from our lives.  What had the potential to bring us together is ultimately what’s driving us apart.

My number one bone of contention is the ever-present cell phone.  Yesterday I was following a driver who suddenly, inexplicably, slammed on the brakes.  There was no car in front of them and they did not have their turn signal on.  I was disgusted, but not surprised, when they make a left hand turn and I saw the driver with her cell phone plastered to her left ear.  When did yapping on the phone become more important than properly operating a vehicle?

Let’s not forget all the people who chat while at the grocery store.  That’s fine, to a point, but if someone o…

I don't want flowers for Valentine's Day.

Saturday morning, my body fought against me from the moment I woke up.  My back, joints, head, and stomach were all telling me that I should stay at home and curl up with a heating pad.  I almost gave in, but I knew I’d regret it if I did.  The week before, we’d had a warm spell as a warning sign of spring.  That meant that my chances to ski were rapidly coming to an end.  I took an array of drugs to quell my various ailments, and then donned my under armor.

Upon arrival at the mountain, the weather turned against me too.  Although the temperature was a tolerable 30 degrees, the wind was fierce and cold.  It nearly knocked me over.  On my first run down the mountain, the gusts were actually strong enough to bring me to a complete stop.  On the next several runs, a snow squall impaired visibility so much that I couldn’t see five feet in front of me.

Once the sun set, my fingers and toes started to throb from the cold despite my best efforts to keep them warm.  I went into the lodge for…