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Eat, Pray, Love... or other verbs.

When it rains, it pours.  First, the governor proposed a budget that pretty much destroyed my chances of getting hired at Penn State.  Then, the top destination on my bucket list was nearly wiped off the map by an earthquake and tsunami.  Next, the Bald Eagle nest webcam I was following for weeks online suffered an intruder after the first baby hatched, and as a result both the baby and the un-hatched egg died.  And last but not least, the most annoying video appeared on YouTube, featuring a teenager singing about Friiidayyy, and every Facebook friend of mine posted it or mentioned it and glued it into my mind for at least two weeks.  I actually listened to “Mmm Bop” (remember that song?) to try to get “Friiidayy”out of my head, but all that did was create a montage of both songs spinning between my ears.  You have no idea how horrible that is until you’ve experienced it.

Things couldn’t get much worse, I thought, and hoped that I didn’t jinx myself.  Then, on Friiidayy, my phone rang…

Cupcake Wars!

I am not a baker.  Any time I’ve tried to bake something, even cookies, the result is usually edible but always a little bit “off”.  Being a perfectionist, and being in a family of wonderful bakers, I am always perplexed by the sub-par sweets that emerge from my oven.  I usually avoid baking at all costs and stick with cooking, which is something I am actually really good at (although a few ex-boyfriends may tell you otherwise).

I have a few hypotheses as to why I suck at baking. I have an unnatural, irrational hatred for eggs.I do not have a sweet tooth, and I am often found (and scolded for) scraping frosting off a piece of cake because it is, in my opinion, too sweet.I don’t like having to adhere to exact measurements when I’m playing with food; that is something that should be reserved for chemistry class.Baking results in high-calorie treats, which results in overindulgence, which results in a bigger butt, which results in a need for a trip to the Gap for a bigger pair of jeans.At …