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Notes from the coffee shop.

City Dock has awesome coffee, but there are only like a half dozen seats in the whole place.  Panera has a million places to sit, but it’s a lot farther away.  I don’t even know where the nearest Borders or B&N are.  And, while I share walls with four other apartments (and am in the vicinity of dozens more), I can’t find one single unsecured network to… um… borrow.  Doesn’t anyone have poor networking skills anymore?  Gosh, when I lived in AZ I got through an entire summer without the internet because there was always an unsecured network available from a technologically-incompetent neighbor.  Sadly, those days are over.  Now, Verizon apparently secures your network as a part of your free Fios installation.  I’m sure they do this so people like me have to pay for service rather than stealing from the neighbors.  Oops, I mean borrowing.

So I spent three weeks mostly offline, which, I must admit, was quite peaceful.  I have always been rather anti-social, but usually fight off this …