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Happy New Year!...?

We have officially completed half the ride around the sun since I wrote my New Year’s resolutions blog, and it seems only fitting that I check in to see how I’m doing.  Why make resolutions in the first place if you’re going to just forget about them in a month or two?  Oh, yeah, that’s the whole idea!  And it’s probably what I should do… but now that I’m halfway around the sun (and halfway through a Blue Moon), I figure a little bit of self-torture might be in order.

If you would like to read my original New Year’s resolutions, click here.

1. Diet and exercise.  Well, it's almost by accident that I’ve succeeded in this one.  I’ve lost a few pounds now that I’m cooking for myself, but that’s mostly because I don’t cook with butter, and the only red meat I’ve had since I’ve moved was a haddag or two on Memorial Day weekend.  With nobody to cook for, I make mostly small and healthy meals.  Exercise is easy, because the neighborhood is great for walking.  I also do my daily regimen o…

A picture's worth a thousand words...

… but I promise I won’t be that long-winded.

This picture was taken in October 1993, my first time ever in Annapolis.  There I am looking over the sunroof of Lisa’s Acura.  We’d just finished a stroll up and down Main Street and we were on to our next adventure of the weekend, a tour of the Naval Academy.  Behind me is, I think, Mike’s dorm.  If it’s not his dorm, it’s some building at the academy.  That same weekend, we toured DC and saw two concerts (oh, to be a college student again!), but Annapolis really stuck with me.  See how happy I am in this picture?  It’s been awhile since I’ve smiled that big.  I know it’s a dorky smile, but I remember how I felt that very first time in Annapolis.  I loved the water, the boats, the brick roads, the centuries-old buildings, and the small-town feel.  I think, when this picture was taken, I was actually thinking, “Someday I will live here.”  Either that or something along the lines of “Damn, look at all these hot guys in uniform.”

Never mind …

I am the next Food Network Star!

I’d like to think that I have the potential to be Julia Child, or Paula Deen, or Bobby Flay, or… (I could go on for awhile).  But, the hard truth is that I’m a single girl with a paltry income who simply can’t afford to cook like the celebrities can.  Maybe I’ll go nuts in the kitchen once every week or so .  After a day or two, all the good leftovers will be consumed, and I’ll be stuck with a fridge full of leftover rice, soymilk approaching its expiration date, a variety of condiments, and half a bag of baby spinach or salad greens.  I’ll come home from work on a Wednesday, not wanting to cook anything, but thinking that another PB&J might just send me off the deep end.  Creativity, I remind myself, is my strong suit!  Let’s make something up!

I’m going to confess this now:  I’ve always had a strange obsession with making meals out of available items, regardless of what they may be.  I recall working for a company that supplied certain pantry items such as canned drinks, instant…

The new way to dump someone.

I’m always the last one standing, it seems.  I will try to fix it, rather than end it.  Eventually the guy gets so sick of me that he can’t stand looking at me.  But enough of that.  This is not going to be a rant about past loves.  I’m actually talking about Facebook friends!

Before social networking sites, friendships came and went as life ebbed and flowed.  There were some friends that I stuck with because I loved them too much to not have them in my life, even if it was logistically impractical to continue the friendship.  Other friends drifted away gradually, decreasing in number of phone calls or letters (remember writing letters???) and eventually becoming just a memory.  “This reminds me of so-and-so.  I wonder what he/she is up to these days?”  And that was where I left it, because there was really no way to know.  More than likely, that person has turned around and walked the opposite direction to avoid me in the grocery store and hopes every day that I never white-out their…