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Happy New Year!...?

We have officially completed half the ride around the sun since I wrote my New Year’s resolutions blog, and it seems only fitting that I check in to see how I’m doing.  Why make resolutions in the first place if you’re going to just forget about them in a month or two?  Oh, yeah, that’s the whole idea!  And it’s probably what I should do… but now that I’m halfway around the sun (and halfway through a Blue Moon), I figure a little bit of self-torture might be in order.

If you would like to read my original New Year’s resolutions, click here.

1. Diet and exercise.  Well, it's almost by accident that I’ve succeeded in this one.  I’ve lost a few pounds now that I’m cooking for myself, but that’s mostly because I don’t cook with butter, and the only red meat I’ve had since I’ve moved was a haddag or two on Memorial Day weekend.  With nobody to cook for, I make mostly small and healthy meals.  Exercise is easy, because the neighborhood is great for walking.  I also do my daily regimen of back strengthening exercises and sit-ups and push-ups.  I had to switch from full push-ups to sissy push-ups because of my stupid back, but I’m actually seeing better results now that I’ve switched.  Maybe being a sissy isn’t all that bad.

2. Find gainful employment.  Hooray, another success!  And I don’t hate my job.  In fact, I really like it.  Looks like I won’t be needing a sugar daddy after all (sorry, Bradley Cooper, I know you were hoping for the job)...  Thank goodness, because I don’t think I have what it takes to be arm candy anyway.  I talk too much.

3. Figure out what the F- Microsoft Word is trying to do with my documents.  FAIL.  I write in notepad now and then format in blogger.  Sometimes it’s just not worth the fight.

4. Stop hating Microsoft.  FAIL.  Okay, maybe not fail.  I don’t think I hate Microsoft, I’m just learning to avoid it.  This principle works rather well with people, too.

5. Learn to focus on a task.  Whatever.  A little ADD is good for the imagination!

6. Decrease my alcohol intake.  Hmmm… I’ve just returned from the fridge and replaced my empty Blue Moon with a brand new full one.  Dammit.

7. Decrease my caffeine intake.  Oh, come on, I’m finally employed again.  At least let me have real coffee!

8. Stop feeling guilty when I make my own decisions.  I gotta say, I’m kicking ass and taking names on this one.  I think that’s a result of being on my own again.  I made a decision that has so far been a positive one, and that’s really empowering.  I’m not afraid to do what I want, whenever I want, mostly just because I can… and I’m learning that my happiness is just as important as everyone else’s.  For that, I think I deserve the alcohol and caffeine that I said I was going to give up.

9. Stop obsessing over stuff.  Nope.  That’s probably never going to stop.  I still spend 20 minutes trying to clean my bathroom mirror without streaks.  At least I don’t obsess over anything really important, because that would make me certifiably crazy.  I'm just a textbook Virgo, nothing more.

10. Make the best of whatever is thrown at me.  I originally wrote “make myself at home in the new situation.”  I could get cheesy here, but instead I’ll just say this:  Yeah, I think I’m doing that!


  1. I am so proud of you!! You are doing so well, your happiness is showing! I think you're making great progress on your goals (note that though I inspire others reassess, there's no assessment of my own goals. There's a reason for that!). Go you!!

  2. Great post Dana. I'm going through something right now, and I totally agree about the "Not feeling guilty about making your own decisions" part. I'm so happy that you are enjoying your new job and your new environment. I'm sure there are more great things to come.

  3. Mary, if there's one thing I've learned in the past year or so, it's that you have to do what you want to do. Everyone has an opinion and the people you think may support you are going to be the biggest naysayers. Just do it. Better to do it and screw up than not do it and regret that you never tried. Don't hesitate to message me if you want a sounding board. :)


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