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Underpaid & Overpriveleged

In the midst of this ever-growing blog about trying to make myself happy (whatever that means), I can’t help but wonder how my life would be if happiness simply wasn’t a choice.I mean, I have so much handed to me that I take for granted.It’s strange to think that my current financial situation and standard of living would garner sympathy from a lot – and I mean a LOT – of people:I don’t make that much money and most of it goes to my landlord, Toyota, Verizon, and BGE.My apartment is tiny (although that makes it super easy to clean).Comparatively speaking, I am worse off than nearly all of my friends as far as take-home pay and stuff that I have.Still, I have more than everything I need, and even quite a few things that I don’t need but really enjoy having.After the bills are paid, I still have enough money for food, wine, cat chow, books, music, a tank of gas, and a few fun pairs of shoes.The gas is the most valuable for me lately… I’ve definitely been enjoying my summer road trips!

Remembering Uncle Merlen.

I just wanted to take a minute to remember my Uncle Merlen, who left us early this morning. I will never forget summers in Minnesota, during which we always spent a day or two at his farm. It was a foreign concept for my sisters and me (being total Pennsylvanian suburbanites), but he sure had fun showing us (and jokingly trying to scare us with) all the animals and equipment. "Those geese will bite you!" (No joke!)  I remember my sisters and I liked to play with the kittens who lived in the barn.  Some were friendly, and some were scared.  I also loved the goats, but the pigs really freaked me out.  It's funny, when I read Animal Farm for the first time, I envisioned that very farm and all the animals coming to life to act out Orwell's powerful message.  I wonder how Uncle Merlen would feel about that!

As is the case with so many departed relatives, I wish I'd had the chance to get to know Merlen better.  It was hard to grow up so far away from the rest of the fa…