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Ten years.

Everyone has a story.  Fundamentally, everyone's is the same.  Reactions and emotions drive every story, and we were all feeling pretty much the same thing that day and the week that followed.  I won't bore you with my experience, because the nuances that differentiate my story from all others are much too personal to share in this format:  Those who know my story either experienced it with me in some way or heard it during a mutually reflective moment.  Instead, I will share with you a photo I took on my birthday in 2001.  It's always been one of my favorites, and there's even a bit of a story behind how I actually managed to get this shot.  But I won't bore you with that either.

It's important to remember this day for so many reasons.  Remember not only the heroes, but also the inconsequential people who were just putting in another day at the office and never made it home that night.  Keep your memories fresh in your mind.  Remember the fear, pain, strength, and pride that came out of this.  Most importantly, remember the freedoms we lost as a result of it.  If we forget what life was like before, we will never get those freedoms back.


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