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[Warning label:A friend suggested that I refrain from blogging about this topic because it isn’t a “Chrome Phase-y” subject.I think it is, though, because for better or worse, it defines me.I think said friend was also afraid that it might offend people, but when has that ever stopped me?]
As soon as I graduated college, I was transferred from one demographic (student) to another very different demographic (single woman without a husband or children).There was no transition period.I had to learn how to field the questions immediately, on the fly.“Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”“Don’t you want to have kids?” “You should date so-and-so, don’t you think he’d make a great husband?” “Don’t you hate going home to an empty apartment every day?” And my personal favorite, “Are you a lesbian?” (Yes, I guess my lack of a boyfriend and the fact that I had a female roommate when I was 23 years old made people assume I was gay.In retrospect, it probably would have been a better idea than hanging ou…