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My original blog

What defines a blogger? That couldn't be further from the truth.  Let's try something else. That’s more like it.
One of my favorite questions to answer is “Where/when/how did you learn to write?”  It’s not an easy question, because I never really learned at all.  I’ve just always done it.  Sometimes I can't eat a meal or clean the house until I've written something.  Anything.  I’m a compulsive writer, even when I have nothing to say.  So I'll search for drama in my own life to tell a story.

This is the beginning of a five-page account of a weekend in 1999 that was, I suppose, a bit unusual for me, but in retrospect I wouldn't go so far as to describe it as "weird".  But that's just my way.  I've been a keen observer of life for as long as I can remember, always looking for the story in everything.
As a child, I used to type stories on my mom’s old typewriter until I broke it.  Rather than punishing me, my parents (or Santa, rather) gave me a toy t…

Made a list, checked it twice. Oh, wait, that was last week.

Well, another year is beginning and with it comes an excuse for me to make a list.  I love making lists because I love to draw a line through the items that I've completed.  Unfortunately, my list of New Year's resolutions never allows for me to just check something off when it's done.  I always make resolutions that are ongoing, so I can't get that satisfaction of a finished product.  That's why you'll see this list again in July when I'm torturing myself (and all of you) with my progress report.
Without further ado, for your amusement I share with you my 2012 resolutions!
1.  Diet and exercise.  This will forever and always be number one.  I am going to be realistic here and not make any specific exercise goals because I don’t like to be forced to stick to a regimented routine.  I just want to keep active by doing anything that doesn’t bore me (cardio machines at the gym, no thanks).  Let it snow, already!  I’m ready to hit the slopes!  As far as the diet p…