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Made a list, checked it twice. Oh, wait, that was last week.

Well, another year is beginning and with it comes an excuse for me to make a list.  I love making lists because I love to draw a line through the items that I've completed.  Unfortunately, my list of New Year's resolutions never allows for me to just check something off when it's done.  I always make resolutions that are ongoing, so I can't get that satisfaction of a finished product.  That's why you'll see this list again in July when I'm torturing myself (and all of you) with my progress report.

Without further ado, for your amusement I share with you my 2012 resolutions!

1.  Diet and exercise.  This will forever and always be number one.  I am going to be realistic here and not make any specific exercise goals because I don’t like to be forced to stick to a regimented routine.  I just want to keep active by doing anything that doesn’t bore me (cardio machines at the gym, no thanks).  Let it snow, already!  I’m ready to hit the slopes!  As far as the diet part goes, I just need to focus on eating foods that don’t make me sick.  I cheated a lot this past year and paid for it!

2.  Control my vices.  Those vices happen to be caffeine and alcohol.  I actually have pretty good control over both of them, but too much caffeine makes me sick (this ties in with resolution number one), and too much alcohol makes me, well… an idiot.

3.  Write something interesting.  I don’t know how you feel, but my blog is starting to bore me.  I think the reason is because I had intended this to be a blog about starting over and my related adventures.  To me, it feels like the “starting over” ship has sailed, and now I’m just writing about my boring life as the socially-awkward romantically-inept cat lady (you’ll have to trust me on the romantically-inept part since I left that out of the blog).  My goal is to write more fiction this year.  Maybe I’ll share some of it with all of you.

4.  Embark on a purge project.  I’ve noticed that my wardrobe needs have changed dramatically this year:  More than half of the clothes in my closet haven’t been taken off the hangar since I got here.  Furthermore, I have boxes of stuff that followed me from my previous (much larger) house and I don’t have room for it all.  Let the purging begin!  Too bad I have neither a yard nor a garage.  If I did, I could sell all my junk and make enough money to buy, um, a venti soy peppermint mocha, maybe?  Yeah, the only people who make money from a garage sale are those who have kid stuff to sell, so never mind that idea!

5.  Cook more.  It’s been a long time since I’ve lived by myself, and I forgot how easy it is to have cereal for dinner rather than making something more substantial.  The reason for that is nothing more than laziness, though, because I love to cook.  Out with the lazy dinners and in with the kitchen experimentation!  The best thing is that there is a pork roast in my crock pot at this very moment, so I will not succumb to Cheerios for my New Year’s meal.

What are your New Year's resolutions?  Are you someone who writes up a list like me every year and then checks up on yourself in July?  Do you make resolutions and then say "screw it" on January 2nd?  Or are you one of those who doesn't even bother?  I aspire to be the latter, but I fear the Virgo in me may never let that happen!  

Happy New Year, blog readers!


  1. Ah......the old resolutions. I like to think of them as long term goals. I have many, like you, diet and exercise will always top my list too. Unfortunately, my injuries from the car accident have really impacted the exercise part, but I resolve to be better about the diet part. Other than that, my goal for the upcoming year has to be to get my life back in some semblance of order. Getting my family back together, rather than nearly 3000 miles apart, getting my own space again, etc. So much to do, and only a year to do it in..........or wait, I guess I have more than a year, but then what's the point of a new year's resolution after all. And so, my circular reasoning has come full circle. Happy New Year anyway, and good luck to both of us with our "resolutions".

  2. I don't do New Year's Resolutions, and here's why: change begins when you decide it begins. You don't need a calendar for that, only will power.

  3. I remember what I wanted to comment: Your blog does NOT bore me! In fact, what bores me is when my feed reader says there are no new posts from you. Thus, I will only encourage you to write more in whatever fashion you feel moved to do so!

  4. I avoid resolutions on that one particular day, but make them and break them on just about every other day. But, pleeeaaase follow through with the fiction-writing one. I'd like to do more of that myself, so I'll be cheering you on!!! And I really, really want to read yours...

  5. I like #3 .. why don't you write a short story for starters.


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