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How I sold my soul to the online meat market.

According to the all-knowing internet, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of men who are perfect for me.  “He loves dogs!” (But what about cats, I wonder?)  “Just like you, he enjoys a nice bottle of wine!”  (No shit.)  “You are both non-smokers!”  (Well, we should just run to the altar with that, shouldn’t we?)  “He doesn’t have any kids, but he would like to have them someday!”  (So the fact that I checked the box that says “I do not want kids” means nothing to you, O Powerful Internet?)
I joined two different dating sites for two different reasons.  Reason #1 is because they let you browse for free.  It’s just like shopping on Amazon; you don’t have to pay unless you want it to come to your doorstep!  Reason #2 is because most of the people in my life seem to think that a male companion will make my life so much better.  There are so many reasons why I disagree with that, but in my usual way I allowed myself to be influenced by others.  I went ahead and created my profiles.