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I'll be your everything.

The Mitten came into my house nine years ago, the last addition in a collection of various roommates which included two other cats, a big old dog, and an adult human male.  She was a mere kitten, and she accepted her ranking with grace and dignity, hardly ever asking for anything.  She knew that the matriarch and the prince would tolerate her but never adore her, and the human members of the pack were too preoccupied with their own crap to carve out time for the self-sufficient kitty.  She befriended the old dog, who begrudgingly shared crumbs from her treats and allowed her a space next to her while the humans were eating dinner.  She purred through it all and never defied the order of things.
The dog was the first to go, and although The Mitten retained her lonely spot on the floor next to the dinner table, she also tried to make friends with the matriarch and the prince.  They formed a furry alliance, teaching each other certain tricks, such as positioning oneself upside-down on …