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Sparklecorn Criminal

BlogHer ’12 has come and gone, and I have lived to tell the tale.

It’s possible that you’re visiting my site for the first time, having just met me at the conference, and now you’re thinking, “How unoriginal, writing about BlogHer.”  But I’d be remiss if I didn’t.  If you don’t wish to read about my BlogHer experience, click on one (or all!) of the links below to learn how I feel about other topics such as:

But back to BlogHer.  Almost immediately, it was obvious how terribly unprepared I was for this event.  I thought I would be okay; I followed all the online advice and arrived with a box of business cards jammed into my suitcase.  What those well-meaning bloggers failed to mention was the fact that I should have been lifting weights to properly train for all the “swag” I would receive and consequently have to carry around.  “Swag” is a new word to my vocabulary, which translates to “free stuff from corporate sponsors”, such as beauty products, toothpaste, cleaning products, gift cards, books, etc.  Oh yeah, and vibrators.  That particular piece of “swag” was definitely not coincidental, considering there was approximately one man to every 1000 women in attendance.

Most memorable were the parties, of course.  Queerosphere was, by far, my favorite.  A fabulous female jazz singer, tables for lounging, and a wide array of desserts provided a great atmosphere for hanging out with new friends.  However, the highly-touted Sparklecorn did not disappoint!  Glow sticks abounded (thanks Laurel, for giving me one of yours), a unicorn presided, and posters of some of the best sci-fi/fantasy dorkdom adorned the walls.  With the help of extra drink tickets, Michelle danced like she said she wouldn’t, I vowed not to leave without stealing the badass Hermione poster (which didn’t work out as planned), and Sara and Carinn paraded a chain of glow sticks in a conga line.

By lunch on Saturday, my voice was raw and my mouth was dry.  I didn’t think I was capable of talking to any more people.  I was about ready to go back upstairs and take a nap, but Michelle enthusiastically said she was staying for the next speaker.  I rallied, caffeinated, and remained.  Probably a good thing I did, otherwise I would have most likely just wasted the afternoon in the hotel room engaging in… how do I put this?... unproductive pursuits with my new “swag”.

Chicago next year?  Unlikely, but at least I have a lot of new reading material now thanks to all of your business cards.  If you gave me your card, I will read your blog, I promise.  Hopefully you’re enjoying mine enough to visit again soon!


  1. Hahahaha Sounds like almost every conference I've been to, that is, minus the sparkles, unicorns, and vibrators. ;)

  2. You are welcome for the glow stick! And where was this badass Hermione Poster!! I want it! Look forward to checking out your blog!


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