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It's not a vacation until you've scared the locals.

Sara really wanted to see a coyote.  And the Octomom, who lives in Palmdale.  The coyotes are evasive creatures, so I'm sure we scared them off before we even knew they were there.  The Octomom... well, I don't think she's hiding from anyone.  Nevertheless, we didn't see her. Somehow I get the feeling that we hang in different circles. 

The people who say the journey is half the fun are liars. I’m a white-knuckle flier.  Usually my coping method is Ativan, but I wasn't able to get my hands on any.  In a pinch, I've found that a nice wine and Xanax cocktail works almost as well.  I always keep my cool, but sometimes I’ll come clean to my seat mates if they seem approachable.
Most people are understanding and kind enough to talk to me during takeoff and landing, which helps to keep me from panicking.  Flight attendants are also sympathetic if they recognize that I’m a bit tense (usually they’re tipped off by the pill I have ready to wash down with the wine I've …